Night Meet Light

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Jack Kelly from Eye Dialogue will help you discover idiosyncrasies, strengths, & the relationships of design’s most powerful ally & night’s most viscous adversary, lighting. Expand understanding of how light works to create greater impact on décor and the nightlife experience. Key concepts that keep guest present & drinking!


Lighting Concepts

1. Color and its effect on the subject.

2. The Dance Floor: Reflected Light, Direct Light, Beam Effects, & the Blinder.

3. The Lounge: Up lighting, Broad Wash, Back lighting, & Pin Spotting.

4. The Bug Dynamic: Controlling Focus, Satisfying the Voyeur, & Seducing Clients to Entertain.

5. Wasting Light: Keep the light off the Floor: Understanding Lighting Nightclub Real Estate: Don’t fill up with Light Trash

6. TV or Not to TV.

7. Color the Bar not the Bottles: Alcohol & Entertainment Must Be First Priority

8. Excess & Absence: Creating Style thru Extremes.

9. The Power of Programming: The Power of Subtlety, Progression, and Impact: Play Slowly, Give Guest Something to Notice.

10. No One Notices the Model’s Friends: Work with Your Assets: Noticing & Creating Architectural Features.

Meeting will be held on Tuesday Feb 21, 2012
6:30p – 9:00p
Hampton Inn & Suites Southpark at Phillips Place
6700 Phillips Place Court
Charlotte, NC 28210
FREE for curent Charlotte ADJA Members
$20 for Guests

You can attend up to 2 times as a guest before being required to join.